Snake Charmer

When we were kids and our dad got his first mobile phone we didn't care much about it. We were more into playing outside reading tales and admiring magicians. Then we found out that there are games on the tiny green and black screen. Some of them were better than others but most of us liked Snake the most! Why? Because we became snake charmers all the sudden!

Since then many games came out with better graphics and sound but Snake is still unbeatable in a way. But what can add more to the classic game? To actually control the snake with real wind instruments! We could have written a snake game but we didn't. Instead, we hacked an old Nokia 6110 to keep the authenticity of the game. Soldering the buttons to some 5V relays that close the circuits with the help of an Arduino was all we needed to do. We didn't have a pungi (the instrument snake charmers use in India) lying around so we used cheap recorders for the input control. The pitch detecting and the Arduino controlling were a piece of cake with Max/MSP.

Creative direction - Laszlo Kiss

Art direction - Laszlo Kiss

Video - Zoltan Kovacs